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My Philosophy

My Experience:


I have experience working with various age levels from Kindergarten to college, and some of my qualifications and job experience are listed below:

  • B.A. in English (minor: Communication) from Wright State University
  • Education from Antioch McGregor College
  • English from Southern New Hampshire University
  • Ed.D in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago
  • Central State University Honors College Project Manager and Interim Executive Director
  • Dayton Job Corps Academic Instructor since 2017
  • Central State University Instructor since Autumn 2014 (English 1100, 1101 and 1102; Great Books & Film)
  • Columbus State Community College (CSCC) Instructor since Autumn 2009 to 2016 (English 1100, 0190, and 2367/English 100, 101, and 102; Cols 1100/ASC 190; English 1100 and 1102 Web )
  • Sinclair Community College Instructor since Autumn 2013 to 2015 (DEV Writing 0030 and 0032)
  • Clark State Community College Instructor since Autumn 2013 (CPE Writing 0300 and 0400/Interpersonal Communications/First Year Seminar)
  • 7-12th grade teaching license
  • Substitute teacher with Trotwood City Schools, Vandalia City Schools, and Northridge City Schools
  • Tutor with Sylvan Learning Center (Vandalia), Huntington Learning Center (Centerville), CSCC Writing Center, and CSCC Online Writing Center
  • English Instructor at Miami Jacobs-Dayton campus
  • Freshman Seminar Instructor at Wright State University and CSCC
  • Teacher’s aide at Montessori Children’s Center in Fairborn
  • Camp Leader with Wright State Universities Summer Pre-college Programs

I am willing and able to provide a curriculum vitae (link is also below), and reference letters, if necessary.

Professional Development:


Dayton, OH

Education is my life and my calling. The English language ignites my love of reading and writing, and I wish for it to be the same for others. As a mother, teacher, and tutor, I know how important it is to encourage daily learning. This knowledge inspires my life and my career goals.


I will continue my work as a college professor, as a writer of short shorts and poems, and as a publisher of research. In the future, I hope to establish websites relevant to critical thinking and English composition.I am eager to fulfill my legacy as a change agent.

Dr. Sarah Armstrong-Jones

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