Camp English Professor

English Teacher/Tutor & Camp English Director

My Philosophy

Education is my life and my calling. I am a teacher and a tutor at heart. I am a lover of the English language, which ignites my love of reading and writing. I am also a mother, so I know how important it is to encourage daily learning. These things alone inspire my life and my career goals. I have dreams of continuing my work as a college professor, writing short shorts and poems, publishing research, establishing various websites relevant to my interests and to the educational field, and editing and reading various works…just for the fun of it. I am already living out some of my dream, and I am eager to fulfill what remains of it.

Sarah Armstrong-Jones

My Experience:


I have experience working with various age levels from Kindergarten to college, and some of my qualifications and job experience are listed below:

  • B.A. in English (minor: Communication) from Wright State University
  • Education from Antioch McGregor College
  • English from Southern New Hampshire University
  • Dayton Job Corps Academic Instructor since 2017
  • Central State University Instructor since Autumn 2014 (English 1100, 1101 and 1102; Great Books & Film)
  • Columbus State Community College (CSCC) Instructor since Autumn 2009 to 2016 (English 1100, 0190, and 2367/English 100, 101, and 102; Cols 1100/ASC 190; English 1100 and 1102 Web )
  • Sinclair Community College Instructor since Autumn 2013 to 2015 (DEV Writing 0030 and 0032)
  • Clark State Community College Instructor since Autumn 2013 (CPE Writing 0300 and 0400/Interpersonal Communications/First Year Seminar)
  • 7-12th grade teaching license
  • Substitute teacher with Trotwood City Schools, Vandalia City Schools, and Northridge City Schools
  • Tutor with Sylvan Learning Center (Vandalia), Huntington Learning Center (Centerville), CSCC Writing Center, and CSCC Online Writing Center
  • English Instructor at Miami Jacobs-Dayton campus
  • Freshman Seminar Instructor at Wright State University and CSCC
  • Teacher’s aide at Montessori Children’s Center in Fairborn
  • Camp Leader with Wright State Universities Summer Pre-college Programs

I am willing and able to provide a curriculum vitae (link is also below), and reference letters, if necessary.

Professional Development:


Dayton, OH