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My belief is that my clients' educational needs are of the utmost importance. Currently, I have various hours for providing individual tutoring and editing service; feel free to contact me to discuss how I may be able to assist you.

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Whether you are writing a book or writing a blog for your website, editing is an important step to the writing process. When the creative juices are flowing, it's "no fun" to have to stop and check grammar! Let me help you. 

Description of Editing Types

As your copy editor, I will have gone through your manuscript and proofread it for grammatical, spelling, ambiguous language, and other grammatical inconsistencies. When completing a copy edit for your manuscript, you will receive a style sheet.

Consistency in writing is very important, especially if you ever choose to turn your book into a series. You have to keep little details in order. In order to do this, editors will often use manuscript style sheets. Currently, I use a template borrowed from the website Romance Refined. In just a few short pages, you can see your characters, events, specific grammar, and other specifics unique to your manuscript. I strongly suggest the use of one for your upcoming manuscript.

As your line editor, I will have gone through your manuscript and looked at the flow of your writing, the tone, preciseness, generalizations/clichés, consistency and clarity of dialogue, pacing, and overall clarity of your writing.

As your content editor, I will have gone through your manuscript and looked at character behavior/speech, style issues, thematic variances and readability, checked for plausible plot line and believable dialogue, and checked the overall content of your writing.

Contact me to discuss your personal needs, price, and approximate time frame.

Tutoring Services: 

Are you looking for help with your essay writing? Or with a research paper? Are you looking for an opportunity to practice different English concepts or your grammar? Do you want to help your child with their reading comprehension or do they just need homework help? Are you afraid your child is losing everything they have learned over the school year, but you don’t have the funds for places like Sylvan and Huntington Learning Center?

I am willing to help, and I have some pretty flexible hours because of my college schedule. I am also a mother, so I know how important it is to encourage daily learning. I have experience working with any age level from Kindergarten to college. I have worked with some learning disabilities, but we can discuss if I’m able to assist you or your loved one.

Here are just a few of the things we can work on:

·         Study Skills

·         Research

·         Reading Comprehension

·         Writing Skills

·         Grammar

·         Spelling

·         Vocabulary

Terms of the Agreement:

1.     We will always meet at a public location. The local library is preferred.

2.     The first meeting will be $50 to cover the cost of materials used during the sessions. During the first session, the client will receive testing, discuss goals, and exchange any additional contact information.

3.     Tutoring service cost will vary, but will be an hourly rate.

4.     There is a contract that will need to be signed after the first meeting if you would like to begin tutoring. However, the contract can be cancelled at any time and is not an obligation to continue indefinitely. If funds are owed, the client will need to fulfill those obligations. If a client does not wish to continue lessons after the first meeting, the fee for the first meeting will only be $35, instead of the $50.

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Dayton, OH

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